I will help you find cute names for your pets.

Pet services

Are you having difficulties finding a name for your pet? Let me help you!

I will help you find meaningful names for your adorable pet.


A photo of your pet.

A brief description of your pet's character traits (funny, playful, fierce, etc.).

You will be provided with a maximum of five names to choose from.

Price: 5 USD. Payment is accepted via PayPal only.

Please feel to reach out to me using the contact form. Serious inquiries only!!!

I will be your same-day email handling Virtual Assistant.

Are you having difficulties managing your mailbox? Do you have emails that you need to send off the same day? Let me help you! As your same-day email handling Virtual Assistant.  I will manually send your emails to your clients.

Experience: Customer Service Representative for over 10+ years. During this time, I've communicated via phone and email with multiple top clients across the USA. 

Types of emails sent: Professional emails to clients ( welcome letters, past due notices, payment queries, etc.)

Companies I've worked for: Xerox, Teleperformance, and Conduent.

Language: English

Emails per day: I can manually send up to 200 emails per day.

Job requirement: I'll need a user name and login for the mailbox that the emails will be sent from. Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, or Gmail. You would also need to provide a template and the list of the contacts in excel format. I will only copy and paste. You would need to provide me with information for the subject and body of the email.

Why delay your email responses for days when they can be handled within a few hours?

Same-day fees:                                                                                             Delivery time

50 emails $15 USD (send only)                                                                     2hrs    

50 emails $25 USD (send and reply)                                                             3hrs 

100-200 emails $40 USD (send only)                                                            5hrs

100-200 emails $60 USD (send and reply)                                                    6hrs

This service is available Mondays through Fridays. Please place your orders no later than 7AM- 10AM EST for same-day delivery. This isn't a 24-hrs service. I'm available from 8AM -5PM EST.

Niches: I'm available for all niches, excluding gambling, and adult entertainment.

Payment method accepted: PayPal Only.

A minimum of 50% deposit is required for all projects.

This service will be available starting January 2022.

Please feel to reach out to me using the contact form. Serious inquiries only!!!


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