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67 best personal development quotes

  Inspirational Personal Development Quotes I've read numerous quotes across the internet, but I must say that these are among the best personal development quotes that I've ever read. I do hope that they will add great value to your life, as they did to mine. This is excellent work by Hiral Nagda. “Break the limitations. Destroy the boundaries. Defeat the challenges. Display God's power through your existence.” ―  Hiral Nagda “You either allow the challenge to stop you or allow it to make you unstoppable.” ―  Hiral Nagda “Don't be in a hurry to turn the page. Live and experience the current phase of your life with ease and calm. The page will anyway turn by itself.” ―  Hiral Nagda “Know your worth & then keep raising the bar.” ―  Hiral Nagda “Never rush to be the first. Slow down and be your best. Life is not a race. It's a playground to radiate your uniqueness.” ―  Hiral Nagda “Take a week off. See what you are naturally drawn to and follow that for the rest o