Do you know how to get what you want out of life?

Do you know how to get what you want out of life

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

 For many of us, it's easy to pinpoint all the things that we don't want out of life. The real challenge is working towards exactly what we want from life and achieving it.

Life doesn't always steer us in the direction that we want it to go but the choices that we make or don't make do impact where we go, how far we go and the rewards we get from life.

At this point in your life, can you honestly say that you have achieved any of the things that you have sought after in life? Or is it that you're still in the valley of decisions not knowing where to turn? You don't have to feel like a ship without a sail through life.

Today I'll share with you a few tips that people who know what they want out of life do. 

1. They have clear-cut goals. 

People who know what they want out of life have clear-cut goals that they continuously work towards. They don't make excuses or play the blame game. They show up and get things done.  They are deliberate in their efforts. They have a committed mindset.  They are willing to make the sacrifices that are required for them to be where they want to be and they remain focused until the job is done.

2. They don't rely on motivation alone. 

There are times when we don't feel like doing that which we ought to do, but we're still required to show up.

Many of us can relate to days when we have zero motivation. We don't feel like going to work. We don't feel like talking to anyone. We don't feel like getting out of bed, etc. 

We don't always feel like it. People who know what they want out of life don't just rely on motivation.

 They are driven by discipline. So, days when they don't feel like going to work or being in the presence of anyone.  They still show up because they are driven by discipline and not just motivation. 

3. They keep their eyes on the prize.

If you want to be lost. Take a journey to somewhere you don't know without asking for directions. No one likes to get lost. It's scary, it's confusing, and something bad might happen.

Without proper direction, you can get lost in life. No sense of purpose.  No ambition. No vision and dreams. Just another human being, existing and not living their full potential. 

People who know what they want out of life,  never lose sight of that. They know exactly where they want to go and what it takes to get there. They don't settle for mediocrity. They don't give up easily.  They don't pass off their responsibilities to someone else. They're actively involved. Their eyes are always on the prize. 

4. They exercise patience. 

If I showed you how you could become a millionaire in five years would you be interested? Or would you rather me show you how to get rich quickly?

Our lives don't work on our timing. Don't get caught up in the overnight success deception. For many of us the seeds we've sown today will not be ready this year or the next. 10 years from now you might be enjoying the benefits of an investment that you did years ago. 

10 years from now a book that you've written might take the world by storm or maybe something else that you did but had forgotten about will start to produce the results you've always wanted.

Many have had to settle for less than they deserve because they didn't have the patience to wait for what was truly theirs.

If you are to get what you want out of life,  you should try exercising a bit more patience. It will be worth it.

5. They focus on bettering themselves.

We're all on separate legs of our journey through life. Many of us have had to pave our path, while others have had theirs prepared for them. For some of us, it will take us longer to get to the top.

It's foolish to focus on someone else's achievements and compare your life with theirs. Instead, you should be proud of every single step of your journey and that you've come this far. The race is not for the swift, but for those who can endure.

If you keep focusing on what others have accomplished in their lives,  where will you find the time to work on yours? 

6. They are willing to learn. 

A great way to deceive yourself is to think that you know everything and you don't need anyone. You'd have done a fine job of destroying yourself. 

Learning is an ongoing process and you're never too old to learn. It is good to know a little about a lot. One of the biggest problems that some people have is investing their time and energy into things they know nothing about. 

They act on impulse.  They don't ask for help. They do things because they think that it's right.  In the end, they feel defeated because they've invested so much and reaped so little.

People who know what they want from life are always trying to connect with the right source. They do their research.  They speak to people with experience in their interests.  They measure the risks involved and they go forth with proper guidance.

7.  They pay it forward.

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. Be good and fair to everyone you encounter in life. Remember those who were there for you when no one else was. Never look down on anyone. 

You won't build yourself up by bringing others down. If you want to get what you want out of life, never climb on the back of others to get to the top. Instead, help someone to get up, so they too can help someone else up. Life is a cycle. What goes around, comes around. 

In closing,  we don't always have it all figured out,  and we don't need to have it all figured out. Life is ebb and flow. You don't always get what you want, but that doesn't mean that you can't get what you want. Don't be discouraged. Life is a journey, not a sprint. God bless you 😊

Share your thoughts with me in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Good points. I would add ( for you personally) If you believe and live as a Christian, you live to please Him and whatever you plan, give it to God . He's the one who gives us the dreams and desires . He will help you and direct your steps.
    Thank you for your encouragement! God bless you


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