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7 things you should never fuss about when it comes on to others.

  Are you among those that are easily flustered by other people's lifestyle? Guess what, this won't do you any good. In the end, you're the one who is losing your focus, energy, and peace of mind! People will live and do as they please! No, you can't control people's behavior, but you can control how you respond. It's time to declutter your mind of all the things that are of no concern to you.  Below are seven things you should never stress about when it comes on to other people. “ Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” ―  Roy T. Bennett 1. Other people's opinions about you. Stop allowing other people's opinions to rent a space in your head. Stop reducing yourself to other people's perceptions of you. Stop defining yourself with their vocabulary. Stop squeezing yourself into their myopic version of you. No one knows you better than you do. What others think about you is their business and not you

No Code Mobile Application Development Platform

  Have you heard about Appypie? Appy Pie is  a no-code application development platform that lets users create a variety of digital products such as mobile apps, websites, chatbots, etc., easily without any coding in just a few minutes. Best No-Code App Builder 2021 Hundreds of Features - Push Notification, in- app Purchase, AR, VR, Chatbot, and more! Unveil your creative side with Appypie, take your business to new heights, using any of these options. App builder You can create your custom app, without any code using their advanced features. Launch a mobile version of your business today! Website Builder Create your own free website, dominate your online presence.  Graphic design Use Appypie to bring new life to your designs. Banners, logos, photos, etc. Domain Give your business a more professional look. Bring your business online within minutes. Build an Appy Pie Connect Integration, instantly connect with 300+ apps and save more time and money for free. Appy Pie Connect allows you

Five reasonable questions to ask on your first date.

  First dates can be nerve-wracking at times. What should I say? Hope I don't mess up. Hope I make a good impression. What should I wear? Do I look good? And the whole nine yards. While your first date doesn't have to be scripted. You also don't want to sit there and just stare into space.  You want to break the ice and start up a conversation. There are many who have flunked in this area and have ended their chances of dating any further at the first date. This is an opportunity for you to know each other a little better. Don't be selfish talking about yourself the whole time. Give the other party a chance to share a little about themselves and show interest in what they are saying. This is not the time to flaunt your achievements, vocabulary, or which big names you are friends with. It isn't time to spill your guts either. You don't have to go about confessing all your deeds and whatnot. You don't know who you are talking to. I have compiled five reasonabl

Social Media Facade (Poem)

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not, and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” ―  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  I keep them laughing, They all think that I'm doing okay, So many wished for the life of me, For the face behind my profile picture isn't what they see, Smiley emojis that hide my frown, But when I'm off social media my world comes tumbling down, You see, having many followers doesn't mean I'm not alone, In the real world, I have struggles of my own. Likes, comments, thousands of shares, I wish I knew someone that truly cares, Social media is just a highlight reel , These happy moments are only a cover-up of what I try to conceal, Of all the persons I make happy, I'm the one who is sad, There isn't one to make me glad, Yes, Influencers have their insecurities too and, They're real people like the rest of you! “Maybe we all have darkness inside of us and some of us are better at dealing with it than others.”

Five good decisions to make early in your adult life.

  The early years of your adult life are invaluable. Handle them with great care, you have the power to shape these years into a future that will bring you bountiful rewards. You will never get these years back, and you only pass this way once. If you play your cards right, believe me, you'll have a more meaningful life! Do something that you'll be proud of. In the golden years, you'll smile about it.  As I look forward to approaching the big thirty, I'll give you some invaluable lessons that I learned from my early twenties. Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. Photo by   Andrea Piacquadio   from   Pexels 1. Avoid the use of harmful substances in your body. Respect your body! Your health is your wealth. Eat properly, pray, exercise, rest, practice good hygiene, meditate on positive energy, express gratitude. Always appreciate the gift of life. Your life is fragile, it's like the grass that flourishes then withers away. Invest your days wisely, don'

Top 5 reasons low and average income earners should own a side income.

  The future is unpredictable, everything can change in a split second. We are here today, gone the same. We plan, we hope, and expect, we look forward to what will come, both good and bad. Yet, no one knows exactly what the future will bring, we can only prepare for the best and expect the worst. God has given mankind wisdom, how to prepare for the future. All hope is never lost, amidst all the tragedies that we have encountered in our lives, there’s a certainty that things will never be the same and change will happen, whether good or bad. Change impacts every aspect of our lives, including our finances. Below are five reasons you should be generating a side income as a low or average income earner. Photo by  Karolina Grabowska  from  Pexels Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link that will take you to another website. What is passive income? Passive income is money you earn in a way that requires little to no daily effort to maintain. Some passive income ideas—like rentin