Nothing lasts forever & other poems.


Nothing lasts forever (poem)

Poem about not wanting to lose a loved one 

I saw the weeping sky in its old dusty grey

At the break of dawn's silver light,

As the morning unfolded its lustrous wings,

It waded in royal blue,

Time changes fast,

It hit a nerve, 

It struck a chord,

It rang a bell,

Luminous thoughts of me and you,

Nothing lasts forever,

One not so glorious day,

 Time will  rent the veil and 

 This bond that we've woven in love,

Will break us free,

I shed a hollow tear,

As though the wells of my heart had dried up,

Like the barren night without,

The moon and stars to bear her light,

A naked city stripped of her polished walls,

I went out of my mind,


Mourning the thought of losing you,

Do we ever settle the score with death,

Do we truly let those we love to go,

My imagination bears a heavy burden,

Filled with angst,

 Of death ever choosing you,

Don't we all carry bits and pieces, 

Of those we've lost,

Until we're strong enough to set ourselves free,

Don't we sometimes wish,

That the memories,

Were as real as day,

And those who we've lost,

Will come back to stay,

Life is only a stopping place,

And time is the master of everything,

 Nothing lasts forever!

© 2022 Annette Kinglock- Murray

All Rights Reserved 


Nothing gold can stay

I saw life's evergreen field,

Blooming in the strength of my youth,

Lofty and tender,

It beckoned to me, come!

Laugh and grow fat,

It fed me with its choicest bread,

There wasn't want or need,

My eyes have seen the wonders of the years,

A strapping lad a frolicking,

Life has been a great teacher,

Through the lens of these grey hairs,

Life's hazy memories,

Oh, the vanity of youth,

Nothing gold can stay!

Annette Kinglock Murray 

All Rights Reserved 



The road not taken (Poem)

At the feet of the ladder,

I saw many familiar faces,

Young and old,

Wishful thinkers,  

Dream killers and do-nothings,

They gnawed at my dream with, 

Whimsical doubts and excuses,

But while they slumbered,

I chose to stay awake,

When  they searched for excuses,

I found another way,

While they procrastinated,

I journeyed on,

Every day further from where I began,

Reaching above the ordinary,

Life will take you wherever,

You want to go,

But the view is always better at the top 

It's never crowded there!

Annette Kinglock Murray 

All Rights Reserved 


The young at heart stay forever young

Her hair was like the charming lilies of spring 

Whiter than snow,

She had the heart of a dandelion,

Untamed in  nature's majestic fields,

No pain could silence her weary bones,

She was wittier than an eagle's eye,

 Precise as an archer's bow, 

The young at heart,

Stays forever young!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Rights Reserved 


Only time will tell

All men dream,

Of unearthing mighty things they're born to do,

All men ponder whether,

Those dreams will ever come true,

Some reach for the sky, 

And the great beyond,

Toiling assiduously as the days go by,

Through the highs and lows,

And atrocities of life,

Will a man's dream survive?

Only time will tell!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Rights Reserved 

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All good  things come to an end

I remember days  when I rested unbothered in the cool

Beneath the cherry tree,

Little birds humming in nature's chord,

Butterflies floating in rainbow colors,

Leaves waltzing in carefree monotone,

Sweet repose,

 Gentle breeze lifting my numinous thoughts,

To the glories on high,

 All the cares of the world lay dead- silent,

Beneath the  blue painted sky,

I wish those days would last,

But I'm duty-bound,

Everything lingers for a moment,

All good things come to an end!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Right Reserved 


Spread your wings and fly, keep reaching for the sky

Like the dawn  of  winter's breath when 

Sparrows take  their dreary flight home,

Spread your wings and fly,

Like the butterfly unraveling 

It's pure virgin wings from the belly of the cocoon,

Spread your wings and fly,

Like the young bald eagle,

Swooping low from its mother's nest,

Spread your wings and fly,

Like the extroverted captain,

Voyaging on the great Atlantic flight,

Spread your wings and fly,

Let nothing ruffle your feathers,

Let nothing stifle the adventures of your spirit,

Spread your wings and fly!

Annette Kinglock Murray

All Rights Reserved



Go after what you want in life

Life will leave you at the table waiting,

If you're always waiting to be spoon-fed,

Dreams are only wishes,

If their dwelling place remains in your head,

The harvest will be waiting,

But not for those who sleep,

Life will reward you justly,

What you sow, that you'll also reap!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Rights Reserved 


Time waits for no one 

The sun shines in full force like any ordinary day,

The wind whistled and howled and got on its merry way,

Little birds hopped and chirped to the rhythm of their unknown song,

Dried leaves departed their resting place in a throng,

For me, it's never a fair or fine day,

Wasted and wounded, nothing takes the pain away,

The world travels on without the slightest care,

The days and weeks like mist they disappear!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Rights Reserved 

When it rains, it pours 

I felt your crystal water drops,

Like butterfly kisses caressing my skin,

Back pressed against the blue painted wall,

Mixed emotions,

Thoughts aloof,

I wished you hadn't sent your soothing touch,

I'd rather you'd let me be,  

Nothing can quench this flaming heart,

All I wanted to feel was nothing!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Right Reserved 

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