Why you shouldn't stop believing in yourself


Why you should not stop believing in yourself

"Dreams are made when we put what we believe into action." A.Kinglock-Murray

You may have heard many stories of others that either left you awestruck or had tears streaming down your face. We all have our stories to tell. Whichever way we want to tell them to the world. They can be just as impactful as everyone else's.

I remember when I published my first book and shared the good news with my Facebook friends. One friend congratulated me and said who would have thought?

In her eyes, she wouldn't have imagined that I could have published a book.

Like that Facebook friend. Many people, including family have limited expectations of what they think you can do. They don't expect you to show up in certain places. They don't expect you to go above the average. They don't expect you to rise to your true potential.

You're always somewhere in the corner of their minds; below their expectations. They wouldn't have thought of you as anything more than the ordinary. 

Here's why you shouldn't stop believing in yourself.

1. Only a handful of people genuinely believe in you.

It's easy to get people jumping in your circle when you've become a known success.  But very few of these same people would have supported your vision in its early stages.

Maybe you can only recall one friend or a family member who encouraged you to pursue your dream because somehow they had the faith that you would accomplish great things in life. 

Or maybe a random stranger through a word of encouragement, quote, speech, or video; told you all the great things that you could accomplish in your life. 

2. Be your biggest fan.

It isn't hard for some people to find ways to associate themselves with you when you got it going on.

But can you honestly say that you get the same level of support when things aren't going well? 

How many of these faces do you see when your life takes a u-turn? Sometimes the only face you see is the one in the mirror.

You must choose to be your biggest fan. You must be the biggest voice on your team. There will be times when others will quit believing in you.

There will be times when people will no longer cheer for you because someone new has entered the scene. 

 Amidst your lowest moments in life. If the only voice you hear cheering you on is yours,  make it loud enough to keep you going.

3. If not you, then who.

What if you told someone that you could do something great and they told you that you couldn't because they don't believe it's possible? 

Would you believe their reasons that you're taking on a mission impossible or would you follow your heart and go by faith?

Always remember, people will see you no further than they see themselves. Many times when people say that you can't accomplish something, it's because they've told themselves that if they can't do it, no one else can.

They're using their limitations to diminish your true potential. 

It isn't anyone else's duty but yours. You must believe in yourself if you want to see great things happening in your life. 

I could give you all the encouragement and inspiration in the world but if you can't see what I see in you. My words would be like pouring water on a duck's back or flogging a dead horse to get up and move. 

 I could also give you all the reasons why I don't believe that you can do something. Probably because you failed at something else,  or I'm thinking that you aren't good enough.

But there are no amount of reasons that I can come up with that would outweigh the reason why you believe that you can do what you task your mind to do.

When you believe in yourself, nothing else matters. 

 It's time to put your belief into action. In 2018, I believed that I could publish a book. Today, I've written several books.

Whatever it is that you believe that you can do, its reality starts with you. Don't be afraid of your greatness.

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  1. I love this post so much! Believing in ourselves is so important (even when it can be hard) in order to truly succeed. I love the idea of being your own biggest fan too! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your precious time here today. I really appreciate your kind comments.

  2. Great piece! Sharing!

  3. Be your biggest fan, if not you than who?


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