Poem about betrayal by family


Poems about betrayal


A Poem about victim blaming and sexual abuse 

How will I ever slay this beast,

If those who should plea my cause,

Keeps severing my peace,

It's all her fault,

It's what she wanted,

Don't believe anything she says,

It's all a lie,

How will I ever slay this beast,

When my perpetrator's ego,

Is of more value than my peace,

They've turned their ears from hearing from my truth,

They've hated me instead,

I'm the perpetrator, they're the victim,

Just a dose of my truth is too loud for their ears,

It’s too bitter for them to digest,

It’s not welcomed in their space,

Yet, all these years I’ve kept it bottled within me,

All the pain, guilt, and shame!

Night and day, I’ve wrestled with this beast,

But I’ve never found the strength that,

Could set me free,

From the fear that they wouldn’t believe me,

Yet still, I thought, that with their help,

 We could slay this beast,

I’ve heard the truth makes you free,

But they showed me no mercy,

For my truth is too provocative for their consciences,

Too candid for their ears,

They’d rather I had remained silent, dead with the beast!

But it isn’t the beast that hurts anymore,

It's the betrayal of those who are offended,

Whenever I speak my truth,

For it doesn’t soothe their ego,

And they say, I’m the cause of my pain,

Tell them,

The beast is dead it’s their betrayal,

That remains.

 Photo by: Min An from Pexels

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