Self-confidence (Poem)

Poems about self-confidence.

This poem is dedicated to anyone who is struggling with self-doubt. Remember it starts and ends with you. You must believe that you can do it and greatness exists in you!

I met her by the mirror,

Lost between a million thoughts,

I saw her conjure little dreams,

Like bubbles that expanded,

Then suddenly fading away,

She made an awful sigh,

As though the last breath of oxygen,

Had vacated her air,

I could feel the weight of her heart,

And the pain she carries every day,

If Heaven hears my prayer,

From this day on she’ll sigh no more,

And all she thought she never had,

I’ll tell her they were there before,

I take her dreams over mountains and seas,

And I’ll let them soar,

I’ll be the light to conquer her gloom,

For it isn’t right for anyone to believe,

They were just born to die,

And it isn’t right for anyone to live forever,

In another’s rejection of them,

But it does feel right to let someone become who,

They were created to be,

That is why I must sincerely apologize to Me,

For not believing that all this time greatness existed in Me.

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Notes:  This poem is a reflection of a person who is struggling with self-doubt.  It's one of those hard conversations that you sometimes have with yourself.  Am I good enough? Can I do this? It's some of those long pauses in between breaths. It's that mental battle that you must win in order to muster up the courage to finally say, I got this. I really got this! I can do this!  I do hope that when you feel as though your thoughts are waging a mental war, you'll somehow search deep within you to find the courage to say, I got this!

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