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How to get over letting yourself down

  We all have expectations that we require of ourselves. They may be challenging to varying degrees depending on what our goals are.  What seems like a major accomplishment for others, may very well be a major slip up for some of us.  There are times when we know we've completely missed the mark. During these moments we can become highly critical of ourselves. Instead of patting ourselves on the shoulder, we find ourselves spiraling downwards. Have you had moments where you felt that you didn't meet your expectations? Others may be proud of what you've done but you know deep within yourself that you were nowhere close to your best shot.  I've been there. Today, I want to share with you some tips that will help you to pull yourself up when you feel as if you've completely let yourself down. 1. You won't always be on your A-game. Life doesn't work on our terms. We don't always get to put things exactly where we want them to go. There will be times when it