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Poems about heartbreak

How many times have we not taken the necessary steps to heal our hurt before distributing our brokenness to innocent people? How many times have we broken the hearts of those who really care about us, simply because we are too broken to give them real love in return?

 How many times have we not taken enough time to do our own introspection to find out if another relationship is what we really need, or just some time to sort ourselves through, before hitting another rebound? How many times have we given our brokenness to those who don't deserve it, only to make them broken like ourselves? I wrote this poem as I reflected on a relationship I had.

 At the time, I was dealing with a series of betrayal, disappointment, and immense hurt. It was nothing like I'd imagined. It was as if I was a tree that had been battered by a violent storm. Depleted, ruined, bent low! All I wanted was for the pain to end. In trying to fix my own hurt, I ended up hurting someone else because the love that he required I couldn't give, and the love that he gave wasn't enough to convince me that not all men are the same. 

We don't deserve to be broken and others don't need to be left broken by us. Hurt people, hurt people! I'll never give my brokenness again, for I know how it feels to cry my heart out. I know how it feels to carry a heavy heart every day. I know how it feels to be betrayed by those you've given your whole heart to. May you find your healing. May you find your strength. I pray that the next heart that encounters yours will be a blessing and not a by-product of your hurt.


I’ve heard that the unlovable,

Should be loved,

But no one taught me how,

I did the best that I could,

Only to become the unloved,

And those who should have,

Been my peace, my solace,

My haven,

Shredded my heart to pieces,

Whatever is left of it,

For my sanity must remain,

I’ll give not my brokenness to be loved,

I’ll go home to my maker,

Let God place us in a cocoon,

Maybe one day my love will morph,

Into something beautiful,

And whoever shall taste of my love,

Will never feel unloved!

Annette Kinglock-Murray, Poet

All rights reserved.

From my Poetry  book Flickering Flames 

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