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70+ best letting go and moving on quotes.

  How often have you heard the words, ''let go, and move on with your life?'' Every one of us at some point in our lifetime has had to either let go and move on from someone or something. It isn't always easy to just let go and move on. Especially situations that involve deep emotional pain like betrayal, disappointment, heartbreak, abuse, and death.  I believe that everyone should be allowed to heal at their own pace, even if the situation that they're in is one that we've experienced. It doesn't mean that because I overcame a situation within the shortest time it will be the same for someone else.  We are sometimes selfish in the way we relate to someone who is hurting. There are times when our first utterance isn't that of a compassionate nature, but rather us highlighting our strengths and what we would have done, had it been us in that situation. This does more harm than good to the person who is hurting and we too can delay their healing with t