Seven things I've learned from my own heartbreak

 Have you ever felt heartbroken? I'm not only talking about the man or woman that ripped your heart in a million pieces and left you to die. A heartbreak could be from an abusive childhood, the death of someone, separation, loss of a pet, a broken home, a job loss, disappointment, just about anything that relinquishes your inner strength. For those of us whose hearts were broken and still breaking. We know about the immense pain that seems to have no end. I've been there. Below I'll share seven lessons I've learned from my heartbreak.

Dealing with heartbreak

1. People will hurt you but not everyone will hurt you.

If you've been badly hurt by the person(s) you have loved all your life. it will become easy to believe that you're susceptible to being hurt, and you're unlovable. But the truth is, not everyone will hurt you. As much as you've been broken. Someone is willing to love and protect all the broken pieces of you. Be that person first! Be the first to make those vows. I'll never cause myself more pain. I won't continue to live with this hurt. I deserve only the best. I deserve to be happy and I won't allow anyone else to hurt me. See Quotes about life experiences

2. Family isn't always blood.

Sad but true. Strangers are sometimes kinder than those you've known your entire life.  The very persons who should be standing in your corner are sometimes the backstabbers. The very home that should be your haven is sometimes a burning hell, and the very arms that should be showering you with love and consolation are the same ones that push you away.

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3. Time will not wait. Life goes on.

The sun will not veil its light because you're hurting and the heavens will not cease to rain. The seasons will come and go. Likewise the days, weeks, months, and years. Time will never stop, not even for your tears. Life keeps moving with or without you. That's the harsh reality.

4.  Prayer and meditation are a gem.

It's important to connect with your creator. It is He who has made you and He knows everything about you. Believe me, prayer heals a broken soul. It rejuvenates the spirit, calms the heart, and soothes the mind. I've had many conversations with God at the darkest and lowest points of my life. They were my medicine!

5. The higher your expectations the greater the disappointments.

If you don't want to be disappointed much in this life keep your expectations at a minimum. For the higher, you set them the greater the disappointments will be. Trust people but never underestimate anyone. You see a person's face but not their heart. You don't know what goes on in their mind. You don't have a remote control for reality. Anything can happen at any time. Anyone can let you down! Life can change in the blink of an eye.

6. It isn't time that heals the pain. It's your will to survive.

Time won't take the hurt. You must either deal with it or die with it. You have to take your power back from whoever took it away. You have to continue your story. You must choose survival over your pain. Time isn't the remedy. It's the choice you make to get up and start living again.

7. You won't cry forever. 

Everything in this life is temporary. Even the broken heart that you are carrying. One day the pain will end and you'll no longer be a victim but a victor. I'm a survivor. In spite of all I have been through, I lift my head above the waters. These days, I don't gasp for breath. I breathe, as long as I have a life there's hope. God is my source of life and my hope.

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