Deep life quotes that make you think twice.

Quotes that make you think twice

 The following is a compilation of deep-thinking life quotes from my collection. These quotes were written from personal experiences.

 I've shared a few of these across my social media handles. Like many of my other readers, I'm sure that you'll be able to relate to one or more of these quotes.

1. You shouldn't have to devalue yourself to prove to someone that you're worth it. A. Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about valuing yourself

2. Letting go doesn't mean that you've never loved someone or something. It simply means that this time around you've chosen to love yourself more. A. Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about letting go and moving on with your life

3. If it costs happiness, it costs too much. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about choosing happiness

4. Until you know your true worth, you'll always accept whatever comes your way. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about having self worth

5. Sometimes you have to break connections with people, not because they've wronged you but because their energy isn't right for you.  A.Kinglock-Murray

Quotes about cutting people off

6. Not everyone deserves a chance in your life. They'll ruin it. A.Kinglock-Murray

Not everyone deserves a chance in your life quotes

7. The real treasures of life are hidden in those precious moments when we free our minds from all the weight of the world. A.Kinglock-Murray

Quotes about appreciating the beauty of life

8. One of the things you'll learn about dreams is, they won't come true for you unless you come through for them. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about making dreams come through

9. We all need that friend who isn't afraid of speaking the truth we don't want to hear. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about having a real friend

10. If you knew how much other people's opinions destroy your happiness. You'll spend none of your time worrying about them. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about ignoring people's opinions

11. Growth is oftentimes painful, but it is necessary if we truly desire to become the best version of ourselves. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about growth and advancement

12. Give love, but never to yourself last. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about loving yourself first

13. Life's already short, don't sacrifice your peace for chaos. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about life being short

14. My deepest scars are from people whose backs I've had.  While I guarded theirs. They were stabbing me in mine. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Backstabbing quotes

15. Don't judge me by my mistakes, if you haven't counted the times life's knocked me down and I've had to pick myself back up.  A. Kinglock-Murray 

Don't judge me by my mistakes quotes

16. Some people will miss you only when they realize that you aren't around for them to use you anymore. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about people missing you

17. One of the boldest steps you'll ever take is to walk away from people and things that have no good intentions for your life. May you find the strength to keep walking. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Walking away from toxic people quotes

18. Stop searching for more reasons to cut people out of your life. Stop giving them more chances to break you all over again. A.Kinglock-Murray 

No more second chances quotes

19. It hurts a whole lot,  but we sometimes have to fall apart for everything to fall into place. 

It hurts alot quotes

20. Tomorrow's never a promise for us to keep. Better late than never is sometimes too late. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Tomorrow isn't promised quotes


21. You'll never be enough for everyone. Just be enough for yourself. A.Kinglock-Murray 

You are more than enough quotes

22. You've got to tell your heart that you can't keep holding on to someone that has already let you go. A. Kinglock-Murray 

Learn to let them go quotes.

23. We've got to search for the beauty in our brokenness. Sometimes it's the only thing we have left. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about being broken

24. We don't lose real friends. We lose people who aren't aligned with our purpose in life. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about real vs fake friends

25. The one who shattered my heart was the one I didn't have the heart to break.

Quotes about broken heart and heart break

26. Dear self, believe in what you're becoming.  You're destined for greatness. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about believing in yourself

27. Your future is God's past, trust his timing. If He leads you to it, He will lead you through it. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about trusting and believing in God

28. Some dream of becoming, some wished and never do. Don't ever choose to do nothing, work hard and let your dreams come through. 

Quotes about making dreams come through

29. You don't need the validation of anyone else, as long as you believe in yourself. 

You don't need the validation of anyone quotes

30. Be proud of your journey and how far you've come. Many have big dreams, but they'll never make a single step. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Be proud of your journey in life quotes

31. Sometimes what we're fighting for isn't fighting back for us. We keep holding on to things when it's time to let them go. 

Stop holding on to people quotes

32. You'll never have to search for happiness if you do the things that make you happy. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Choose happiness for yourself quotes

33. Happiness is how we truly feel on the inside. Not the facade we create for outward appearances. 

Happiness is an inside job quotes

34. I don't mind the noise of the enemy. I fear the silence of my friends. A.Kinglock-Murray 

Quotes about enemy and friends

Thanks for reading. Share your favorite quotes and comment below.

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