Seven great things to do with your time.


Seven great things to do with your time.

It isn't so much about the length of the years, but what we make out of those years. Live a life that you'll love, one that you'll be proud of, and most importantly enjoy your journey. What will you do with your time? What have you done with your time? The difference between you, and I is what we make of each twenty-four hours that we are given. We can either spend them foolishly or invest them wisely! Here are seven great things to do with your time:

1. Worship the creator.

Remember who made you. The reason for your existence. The giver and sustainer of life. My God is my everything! He is my reason for living and my source of survival. Express gratitude each day for the gift of life. It's your greatest blessing. Without life you are nothing. Without the breath in your body; you are nonexistent. Each morning, I rise on a prayer, at the close of the day, I end on the same note. I appreciate every new day that I am given. Someone else would have wanted that opportunity, but death took them out. I am grateful to the one who upholds my life. He is always worthy of my praise.

2. Do your self-evaluation.

Spend time alone with the man or woman in the mirror. Revisit your thoughts, often. Check the status of your life. How have you been doing? Evaluate yourself, be honest about it. Don't be afraid to pull your socks up.  I'm never afraid to say to myself that I  screwed up because I'm never afraid to say to myself, I did well!  

I have realistic goals for every area of my life. Where do I see myself in the next five years? What I don't want to be doing come next year? What have I achieved in the past year? Am I growing, or am I just satisfied? It's important to require these answers of yourself. Measure yourself, do your checks and balances. What's your score? There's always room for improvement. None of us is perfect. Many have fallen into the trap of believing they have reached, and they need not do anything more. But this has been to their self-defeat. I'm still a work in progress.

3. Be present in the lives of your loved ones.

Spend quality time with your loved ones. Never take them for granted!  Do fun stuff together, laugh, talk, worship, etc. You'll never get these precious moments back, and there's nothing in this world that can replace the time that you didn't spend with your loved ones. If you substitute them for your job or your own pleasures. You'll miss the opportunity of spending valuable time together. 

 All the money that you have earned can never buy the precious moments that you didn't spend with your loved ones. Always remember that there may not be anyone else that does the job as well as you, but if needs be your job will replace you. The moments that you've lost with your loved ones are irreplaceable.

4. Acquire knowledge, be willing to learn! 

Learn something new from each day. Keep improving on yourself, you are not too old to learn! Acquire a skill, upgrade those that you already have.  Be open and willing to learn, but don't go about gobbling up everything from everyone, even those who seem educated. Not every knowledge that you acquire is good food for the soul. Don't clutter your mind with junk. Be careful what you take from the internet, check the credibility of the information that you're reading. Be careful whose books you are stocking up on! Be careful who you are listening to on repeat.  

Whatever you are reading or listening to ensure that you're absorbing a wealth of knowledge. Be mindful of who you allow into your mental space.  I read books of great quality, not entertainment. I monitor the information that I receive through the media. There are too many false theories in our world. 

5. Write a book

Your life is a story, it is worth penning down. You can never tell how many lives your story can change. It isn't hard to compile a book these days, and if you can't write it for yourself. You can always hire a ghostwriter on Fiverr or Upwork. Don't worry about traditional publishers who will reject your manuscript. Self-publishing platforms like KDP have made this easy for you. Within minutes your book can be published, and available for sale within a day or two. No excuses! Write a book before you die! Just think about all the amazing books that you have read, and how they have changed your life. Give someone else a life-changing experience. Your story could just be the answer that someone else has been waiting their whole life for!

6. Plant a tree

Give nature something to smile about. Plant a tree, whether it's a fruit tree, or just for shade. Nature will thank you for it. Every year across the entire earth nature is deprived of billions of trees. Give as much as you take. Give nature a tree! Support wildlife and their habitats, prevent soil erosion, improve air quality, and provide oxygen. Help save the earth by planting a tree!

7. Support a worthy cause

 Give back to those who are in need. If not your cash then some of your time. There are so many people who are desperately in need of help. You may not be able to help all, but at least try to make a difference in someone else's life. 

You could be that rainbow in someone else's cloud. There are many times that I see people begging for food,  houses,  medical assistance, etc. It pains my heart to see people suffer for basic life necessities that they just can't afford. Always give from your heart, even if no one else acknowledges you. Don't be among those who give to become popular on social media. God knows your motive, and he will reward you. Help all you can, while you can! Do good to everyone.

I encourage you to invest your time wisely. If you haven't already done so, give no more of your time to procrastination or tardiness. Every moment is precious. Life is short, make the most of what you get!

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