11 signs your friendship is coming to an end


10 signs your friendship is coming to an end

How do you know when to end a friendship?

It's good to have people who you can be yourself around. No facade. No pretense. No imitation. Just the real- raw you. Real friends are priceless and we know all too well that they are few and when we do find them; they are to be treasured.

However, we don't always know what people's true intentions are, and sometimes the people we call our friends aren't who we think they are. As time goes on we'll notice some disconnect in the friendship that we either need to fix or break off permanently.

 Today, I want to share with you 11 signs that your friendship is coming to an end and you may need to break it off soon.

What would cause you to end a friendship?

1. They act like they're your spokesperson.

Nothing is wrong if you allow your friend to put in a word or two now and then,  but it's a serious cause for concern when this behavior becomes a pattern and they act as if you're not intellectual to speak up for yourself. 

If you find difficulty expressing yourself because your friend keeps cutting you off by saying what they think you're going to say. 

Or they proceed to make decisions behind your back because they think it's something that you'd agree with. You need to put an end to their presumptuous behavior. You should be free to express your thoughts and opinions without the interference of your friend.

2. They're disrespectful toward your loved ones.

No family is perfect. We all have our squabbles and disagreements. It's what makes us human. At the end of the day, blood is always thicker than water and we may fight this moment but the next we're good again.

There are times when we'll seek our friend's advice on matters at home. While we would want them to be honest and fair, we don't expect them to drag our loved ones' names through the mud. Or worse use their situations against them.

If you find that your friend's attitude toward your loved ones is callous and disrespectful. You need to stop talking to them about your family drama.

No good friend would disrespect the people who mean the most to you even if you don't get along well. 

3. You're seeing signs of jealousy and envy.

A true friend will be happy for you when you're progressing in life. No good friend would want to see you in an unprogressive state all the time.

 If you find that your achievements irk your friend or they give you the silent congratulations, or they reserve their praises toward you. They might be hinting at signs of jealousy and envy. It's not a good look.

3. They're no longer trustworthy 

You expect your friend to keep your secrets, and it doesn't have to be a deep secret but it could be something that you want to keep under wraps for a while.

You don't expect them to go blurting your business to their other friends or family members. Yet, you hear others talking about something you only told them about. 

They may admit to the slip-up, but they might leave you wondering if you can trust them again and what else they've spilled the beans about.

4. They aren't adding any value to your life.

One of the reasons we're drawn to our friends is that we want them to enrich our lives. If you find that you're more at peace when your friend is not around because you don't have to deal with their negativity and drama.

 It simply means that they aren't adding any value to your life. You shouldn't have to dread being in the company of your friend. 

5. They treat you like an ATM.

There isn't anything wrong with buying things for your friend, but you shouldn't be the one that spends all the time. It's certainly a problem when you feel like their personal ATM. 

They're always in need of a borrow. They don't split the bill when you go out. They have an expensive taste for things that they don't use their money to buy. 

You have issues getting back the money you've loaned to them and you hardly see what they're doing with their money. Even though they're working.

6. They influence you to compromise your standards.

Standards are values that we uphold for ourselves. They are a part of who we are. Our standards help create boundaries for those we come in contact with. No good friend would want you to belittle your standards for something you oppose.

7. They don't return borrowed items.

They always have an eye out for your priciest and best items. While you may not have a problem loaning it to them. You do have a problem when you can't get your belongings to use for yourself because your friend believes that what you've loaned to them is theirs to keep.

8. You don't see a future with them.

Looking down the road. You don't see them in your life. It isn't something that you'd want to happen but you're seeing all the signs that are telling you that sooner or later you'll have to sever ties with this person.

9. They don't respect your boundaries.

We create boundaries for our protection and others. While friends are allowed the freedom, access, and certain privileges that aren't given to others. You do expect them to respect your privacy.

 If your friend shows no regard for your clear set boundaries. It's an indication that they believe that are at liberty to do as they please and your boundaries don't apply to them.

10. You feel much better without them.

You're as light as a feather when they're not around. You tend to laugh more, get more things done, and feel more at peace. You don't get to enjoy these moments when they're around. You get nervous the moment you see your phone screen lighting up and their presence creates an uneasiness in the atmosphere.

11. They show a two-face.

The last thing you need in your life is a two-faced friend. You'd want your friend to be open and honest.  You don't expect them to say hurtful things behind your back. Let alone say things to your partner about you that they know aren't true.

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Should I forgive my friend for betraying me?

 There are numerous reasons why friendships fall apart. A rift between friends doesn't always mean that you have to throw the whole relationship away or end the friendship without an explanation.

You can end a friendship without hurting any feelings. Some things can be worked out. People can and do change!

 However,  if you feel that the best thing to do for your peace and sanity is to stop being friends, then you should listen to your intuition. Your peace of mind is always a priority.

What's your take. Please comment below.



  1. I love this! Such an excellent write up, so many great points made that can help us in navigating and establishing healthy friendships.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts 🤗

  2. Excellent post. Thank you for sharing! You made some important points regarding friendship. Enjoyed reading. I shared a personal story on my blog in my health journey. ☺️

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

    1. Thank you very much for reading. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.🤗🤗

  3. Great post! Those are all so true!!

  4. This is so interesting to read. I have definitely had friendships not last but that is because I know my worth now xx

  5. I have definitely seen signs of envy when a friendship came to an end. It wasn't envy in things that I had, but they felt neglected that I had a family to raise and was abandoning them. Luckily we reconnected years later.

  6. I had a touch of jealousy in one of my ended friendships. The friend felt abandoned when I had to focus on raising my family. Luckily we reconnected years later.

  7. I had a touch of jealousy in one of my ended friendships. The friend felt abandoned when I had to focus on raising my family. Luckily we reconnected years later.

  8. These are great things to look out for with what we call friends. Sometimes we are just too into the friendship and it's just not reciprocated, so we don't realise!


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