What do you do when no one supports your dream?

Moving forward


How many times have you had promises been made to you, only to be left stranded at the very last minute?  How many times were you given the cold shoulder by the persons you've stuck your neck out for? How many times have you been sidestepped by the persons you'll go a mile for? How many times have you felt discouraged because there isn't anyone who believes in you or your dreams?

You're probably thinking about pursuing your career, starting a business, owning a home, furthering your education, turning your life around for the better, etc. But you're just not getting the kind of support that you need.  People are like this! Family and friends are like this! That's why I avoid feeling entitled, but I'm most appreciative of any kind of support that I get from people.

 If you give with expectations you'll only face disappointments. Many will never return the favors you've granted them and some will choose to forget. Don't expect too much from anyone! Don't go about thinking that people owe you their support because you've lent them a helping hand! In this life, there are many journeys that you'll have to take alone. Not for the lack of people, but the lack of genuine support! 

Many who should have been your biggest support will either back down at the last minute or show no interest at all. But take courage,  don't be disheartened! Not everyone will understand the direction in which you are going. Not everyone can perceive your vision. Not everyone will have the wisdom to discern your true calling. Not everyone is willing to go with you to the full extent and sadly, not everyone will want to see you become better than them in life. So, they'll use every opportunity to ensure that it doesn't happen.

  You must have the courage to stand alone and trust God. I remember my early days of writing. Many of the persons who I thought would have supported my work, didn't. But I'm ever grateful to all those who did because they didn't have to do it.  Never forget those who made the effort to support you on your journey, no matter how small it is! I've had to face up to the harsh reality that it isn't always about who you've known your entire life, but who will stand right by your side. 

It's about who will encourage you to press on! It's about who will dust you off when you fall down seven times and help you to get back up at eight. When you start your journey you have to bear in mind that whatever comes your way,  God will give you the strength to be your biggest fan. There will be times when you'll have no one in your corner, but you! You must learn to push yourself to go above and beyond; with or without the support of those you expect to be by your side. 

Today, the majority of my work is read by people in foreign lands. People I have never met in my life and people who I might never meet in my life. Don't you dare worry about who will follow you on your journeys in life. Be more concerned about who and what you don't need! You don't need any form of negativity. You don't need anyone who can't see your vision and you don't need anyone who's going to complain every step of the way.

 Many times the persons that you are willing to take were never needed because they will derail you from your course and they will crash your vision. If they aren't willing to support you, don't force them. If they refuse to help you, don't be mad at them. If they don't believe in you, believe in yourself and get on your way.  What matters most is that you have a clear vision of where you are going and the way to get there.

 If you haven't started your journey, make this promise to yourself that you will finish what you're about to start. I won't tell you that it's easy, but I'll tell you that everything is possible when you trust in God. You'll face trials and tribulations on your way, but the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory. There will be times when you want to quit. There will be times when every muscle in your body will ache from weariness. 

There will be times when you'll feel stressed and discouraged. There will be times when you're going to cry, but success will never meet you in your comfort zone, and if you endure to the end. There will be times when you are going to rejoice. There will be times when you'll feel so proud of yourself and your accomplishments. There will be times when you'll reflect on how far you've come and you'll be ever grateful to God for every trial that you've faced because they've only made you stronger. May God guide you on your journeys in life and I wish you all the best.

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