What to do when others drag you down.


What to do when others drag you down

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“If people are hating on you it's often because they are: 1. Threatened by you, 2. Jealous of you or 3. Feel like you're above them so they put you down to feel better about themselves. The greatest people have haters for a reason, so take it as a compliment. Haters gonna hate.”
― Jeanette Coron

“One negative voice aimed at me has the incredible power to drown out a thousand positive ones. One of the greatest things I can achieve is to never let it.”
― Dan Pearce

“In all spheres of life, there are constraints. You have to develop your strategy to overcome each constraint.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

There's hardly any escape from the harsh judgment of people. They're just about everywhere. Online, at work, at home, etc. Sometimes we try so hard to put our best foot forward, only to have those efforts snuff out by other people. 

Some people take pleasure in putting down others. We can't always shut them out. We can't always ignore it all and not let it bother us. After all, we are humans and no matter how tough we say we are, some things that people say about us can and will shake us to the core.

 So, what are some ways to handle those who are constantly dragging us down? Today, I want to share with you some tips that will help you to cushion the wrath of others.

1. Stop expecting to be liked by everyone.

Some people don't even like themselves. You've got to be okay with everyone not liking you because they won't. So many of us hinge our lives on likes, views, and shares. We feel so depressed when no one engages our posts online.

 We feel a deep sense of despair when we see others attracting thousands of views on a simple post. Don't ruin yourself for the sake of other people's engagements. Be happy for genuine people who love and care about you. That's of greater value than fake likes. 

“There is a valid reason social media is linked to depression and loneliness. We live in a time when many people spend countless hours a day online strolling through the timeline of others with envy, regret, and little appreciation for their own life.”
― Germany Kent

“Today, spend a little time cultivating relationships offline. Never forget that everybody isn't on social media.”
― Germany Kent

2. Don't expect everyone to love what you do.

It doesn't matter if you're genuinely volunteering your time to feed a group of homeless people or something else that contributes positively to your community. People will always find fault with what you do.

 They will make a good thing look bad and they will undermine your efforts. Don't expect everyone to gravitate toward what you're doing, even if you are doing it for a worthy cause. The negativity is going to come. You won't escape it.

3. Don't try to keep up appearances.

Be your true self. Stop playing the role of someone that you're not to please others. You don't need to create a faΓ§ade to retain the favor of everyone else. You can't live your life only to impress others. You'd be wasting your time and energy. Your imperfections make you who you are. Don't be afraid to show them. 

“Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.”
― Salvador Dali

“One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist.....Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist”
― Stephen Hawking

“The more I feel imperfect, the more I feel alive.”
― Jhumpa Lahiri

4. Keep doing you.

Whatever you want to do, resolve it first in your mind. You won't always get the support that you need from those around you to propel you in life. You won't always get the encouragement that you need in difficulties. 

You must find a way to keep going after your goals and dreams. When you believe in yourself wholeheartedly, nothing else matters. Keep doing you.

“People are a lot more attractive when they are not trying to impress you. Let go of the bullshit & start being you!”
― Nitya Prakash`

5. Understand that the world is filled with roses and thorns.

Social media shows this all too well. You see the tons of hateful comments under people's posts every day. In the real world, everyone will not suck up to you.

 Maybe you're used to being around people who are warm and kind, but the world isn't filled with people who are just warm and kind. 

Some people are not so nice and now and then you will encounter them. You don't need to do or say anything to some people for them to dislike you. That's just the way it is.

6. It isn't always about you.

People who are busy bettering themselves have zero time to drag other people down. They're so focused on their lives that they have no time to focus on anything else outside of that. 

They don't give their focus to mediocrity because their time is too valuable and there is always something else that is of greater importance to them.

Some people are unhappy with themselves and they'll do everything in their power to make others feel the same. When people try to drag you down they are already beneath you, and they are looking for you to come down to their level.

People who are content with themselves don't post hateful comments about strangers online. They don't drag others through the mud.

When people try to pull you down. It's their way of emitting their insecurities on you to avoid dealing with them.

“I have come to realize that the most critical of the social media accounts are the least verbal in real life and I can assure you that most social media trolls have no physical troll land to dwell.”
― Aysha Taryam

7. Use the negative energy to your advantage.

Many people thrive off the negativity of others. It pushes them to do better. It influences them to work harder. It motivates them to do more than the average.

People don't throw stones at green mangoes. If they are trying to bring you down, it's because they see something of great value within you.

When they throw stones at you. Use them as stepping stones to build your empire.

Take away:

Don't expect to be liked by everyone. Don't expect everyone to love what you do. Keep doing you. 

Share your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Interesting view points. The quotes nicely matched your points.

  2. Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Greatly appreciated πŸ€—

  3. There are definitely roses and thorns.

  4. I do agree with all your points. Unfortunately social media are a huge source of unhappiness and hate to this world. I loved the quotes you used to support your thoughts!

  5. These are some really great suggestions to help keep your mental health and physical health safe. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren - bournemouthgirl


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