Go beckon the morning (Poem)


Poetry about hard times

There must have been times when you felt as though the nights were never-ending and your pain was just too much to bear. There must have been times when it felt as though you'll never stop crying yourself to sleep. There must have been times when all you wanted was for the peaceful morning to come and put your woeful nights at ease. I've had my restless nights. I've had my cold and stormy nights but I've also had beautiful nights. Sometimes life can take us to some dark places, where it seems as if there's no way out.  This poem, Go beckon the morning,  echoes the cry of someone who's just longing for peace. Someone who's just needing a breakthrough! Someone who's just searching for an answer!  Someone who's just longing for their night to end. Not the literal night, but the dark struggles of life. It's never easy to conquer the pressures of life. It's never easy to stand alone on the mental battlefield. To be focused! To be strong! To conquer! It's never easy to gain victory over the hardships that you have to face every day, but God will make a way. I do hope that whatever you may be going through at this moment, your dawn will break and usher in the glorious morning. May God give you all the strength that you need to hold on a bit longer.

Go beckon the morning,

It holds the key for this dungeon I’m in tonight,

Go beckon the morning,

For my heart bleeds and I won’t sleep tonight,

Go beckon the morning,

May its glorious rays illuminate,

Every crevice of this room,

Go beckon the morning,

Save me from this miserable night of gloom,

Go beckon the morning,

For God knows, I need its peace,

Go beckon the morning,

Set my soul free from this dungeon tonight,

Go tell the morning,

This my feeble plea,

For my heart bleeds and I won't sleep tonight.

Annette Kinglock-Murray


All rights reserved

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