How to live happy & drama-free.

How to live happy & drama-free in 2022: 3 tips

Are you thinking about starting your life afresh? How about starting it off drama-free? Yes, leave all the shenanigans behind and direct all your focus on what's ahead. Spend more of your energy on the things that you need to get done, as opposed to viewing your life in hindsight. 

How to not let things get to your head!

“Free yourself from the complexities and drama of your life. Simplify. Look within. Within ourselves, we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the purpose we've been blessed with.”
― Steve Maraboli

1. Give no more of your peace to toxic people.

It's time to let them go. Give no more of your time and energy to toxic people. Show them the way out, or find your way out of their life. Don't absorb any more of their toxicity. Life is already short. 

You don't need to respond to negative comments on social media from people who don't know you or try to prove your self-worth to people who are constantly belittling you. 

Stop feeling as though your life is dependent on how other people think or feel about you. They don't need to feel anything about you, and you can't force them to feel how you'd want them to. This year disconnect their power supply; take your power back from toxic people.

 It's time to stop breathing in their space. Their energy is bad for your health. You don't need them and they don't need you!

“7 things negative people will do to you. They will
1. Demean your value
2. Destroy your image
3. Drive you crazy
4. Dispose of your dreams
5. Discredit your imagination
6. Deframe your abilities and
7. Disbelieve your opinions!

Stay away from negative people!”
― Israelmore Ayivor

2. Don't rehash the past year.

 There isn't anything that you can do about the past year. It's all out of your hands and you'll never get that time back. Guilt won't make you feel any better! Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

 Try to focus on what is before you now. God has given you another chance to make it happen this year. If you must take anything from the past year, collect the lessons. Don't repeat the same old things, you'll only get the same results.

 If you were doing too many things at once. Take it a bit slower this year. Try to complete one goal at a time. Don't start too many projects at once. You'll wind up having a lot of unfinished projects and you'll become more frustrated.

 If your goal is to lose weight in 2022, take it in strides. If your goal is to start a new business in 2022, take it in strides. If your goal is to get a new job in 2022, take it in strides. Whatever your goals are for 2022, don't try to focus on them all at once. Take them in bits and pieces. 

“Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards.”
― SΓΈren Kierkegaard

3. Know your worth.

If you've been settling for the past year, then it's time to shake things up a bit. It's time to give some people a big surprise! New year, new me! Maybe it's a boss who doesn't appreciate your hard work, an unfaithful spouse, a disloyal friend, a mischievous co-worker, etc. 

If you have been settling for less than you deserve, it's time to put an end to this insanity. You deserve much better and you know it. Stop acting as if you're not good enough. 

Yes, you're good enough to be rewarded for the hard work that you've been doing. You're good enough to feel loved and appreciated. You're good enough to have a happy and stress-free life. You're good enough to live at peace.

 Stop allowing people to treat you as if you're nothing. Know your worth. Say it and mean it. ''I deserve only the best!''

“There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who do not. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling is a part of life, getting back up is living.”
― JosΓ© N. Harris


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