How to find your purpose in life.

living on purpose

 Isn't it a  tragedy to have life and not know what to do with it? I heard once that the richest place on earth is the cemetery.  It might sound ridiculous, but if you analyze it it's true. The grave has many talents that are no longer in use, and many that were never used throughout their time on earth. What is your purpose in life?  

Every man both rich and poor must answer this question. They must know their purpose in life. When this life is over will your purpose be numbered among those who did nothing with their lives or those who died empty? There isn't anyone on earth who was created to have a life without meaning, but our lives will appear meaningless without us knowing our purpose in life. 

You wonder why so many persons have yet to find joy in what they are currently doing or even find fulfillment after years of serving a job that they're about to retire from. It's because they haven't found their purpose. They haven't been serving their purpose. They have not lived a purpose-driven life. That's why life appears meaningless, and with all they have acquired it amounts to nothing.

 Your purpose is already within you. It isn't something that you're taught in school. It's not up to the education system to determine your purpose in life.  No teacher can determine your purpose in life with an ability test. Your potential is far greater than an examination paper and a test score. 

Many of you are still heartbroken from that test you failed years ago. You still haven't left the classroom. You've buried your purpose in an F you've gotten years ago because you were taught that education is the key to success, and you feel like a total failure because you have been performing below average throughout your school life.  It isn't an F on your final exams that determines that you serve no purpose in life.

 Many of you are still stuck with the examination results that you've received years ago. You haven't gotten over the disappointment on your parents' faces when you told them that you didn't pass the final exams. You are still feeling like a failure because you believe you've wasted all the money your parents have invested in you. What if I told you that it isn't up to your parents to determine your purpose in life. 

Many of us can relate to our parents interfering in our career choices. Have you ever wondered why so many people hate the job that they are doing? Have you ever wondered why so many persons are stressed to their wit ends on their jobs? It's because they don't belong there. They aren't serving their purpose! Until you begin to serve your purpose in life, you'll be unfulfilled in everything else that you spend your time doing.

Your purpose in life is something that brings out the best in you. It brings you joy. It brings you peace. It brings you fulfillment. It makes you want to get up out of bed every morning. It's something that you can picture yourself doing for the rest of your life, even if it doesn't make you rich.  What is it that you enjoy doing? Is it singing, painting, dancing, taking care of the elderly, taking care of the sick, encouraging others, making people laugh, taking care of the animals, taking care of the environment, etc? 

Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life

What was your childhood dream? When you were younger, what is it that you wanted to become in life? What is it that you had so much joy in doing that you completely lost track of time? Did anyone tell you to forget about it? Did anyone tell you that it couldn't happen? Did anyone tell you to get that nonsense out of your head? 

The key to your purpose is right there. Maybe you've had to attend football, baseball, basketball practice, etc., in secret because someone told you that you'd never pursue that calling as long as they are around. Someone gave you all the reasons why you shouldn't become what you know you so badly wanted to be, and they buried your purpose.

  You weren't created to live then die. Your sole purpose isn't to waste your life away on alcohol, drugs, smoking, and partying. Your purpose has nothing to do with your race, color, class, or creed. I grew up in a poor farming community in Jamaica. Today, I'm impacting people all over the world.

 Don't put God to shame. He'll supply all your needs. You weren't created to be an ornament on earth. No, it doesn't matter if you are sleeping in a palace or a hut. 

God didn't invest His time and energy in you for no reason.  He could have chosen anyone else from the millions of sperm, but he chose you. Your purpose will make room for you in this world. Don't worry about not becoming rich. Serve your purpose well, and people will pay for what you have. They don't want you they want your gift.

 People don't visit my blog to see my profile picture. They come here for inspiration. Their primary interest is my gift. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and all the great singers that you can think of, their concerts weren't sold out because people wanted to see them. People had an interest in their gifts. 

How do you want to be remembered when you die? What legacy will you give this world and the generations to come? Your purpose is valuable. The world needs what you have to offer. If you believe with all your heart that cooking, singing, dancing, painting, coaching, preaching, teaching, etc., is what you want to do, then do it.

 Never allow anyone to tell you what they think that you should be doing. It's good when people can see potential in you, but it makes no sense to dedicate your life to something that you have no interest in doing.

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I remember many of the people that I've worked with throughout the years. They are always complaining about the job not meeting their expectations, yet they choose to show up every morning for years to a job that is sucking away their peace of mind. When you listen to these persons, they know exactly what they want to do. They know what they need to do to get started, but they choose to settle for less than they deserve. They choose to show up to work every day, miserable.

Your purpose will frustrate you until you get it done. It doesn't matter if you're in a well-paid job. Having more money won't stop you from feeling unfulfilled. You'll never find stability in anything that you task your mind to do until you start doing that which you know God calls you to do.

If you haven't discovered your purpose as yet. You can ask yourself these questions. What is it that I see myself doing for the rest of my life? What is it that makes me truly happy? What is it that brings out the best in me? What is it that makes me want to jump out of bed each morning? What is it that I'm so passionate about? 

Lastly, what is it that I so wanted to be when I was younger? The key to your purpose lies in the answer to these questions. Your purpose is already within you, not in the school system and an examination paper that can't determine your true potential. 

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