Poems about forgiveness.


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Christian forgiveness poem:

Betrayal pricked my heart
And left an arrow there
Although I could breathe
I'd prefer my heart stone-dead
To those who hurt me
To those I fear would
To those, I might take avenge
But this did me no justice
For my last state
Became worse than the first
So, I gave my wounded heart wings
Whither shall we go my love
Till seventy times seven.

This poem is from my book, Spilled Ink. Available on Amazon in digital and Paperback format. All rights reserved.


Poem about anger and forgiveness:

I held you in my heart,

Until the walls grew

Bitter. Mossy. Cold.

The audacity,

The indifference,

The unwelcomeness,

You gave them all to me.

It felt so good to feel you suffer,

Yet, it wasn't you, but me.

The more my days grew darker,

The less you gave a damn!

If I must suffer this much, 

I can no longer live,

Yesterday, I stood at a loss,

But today, I set you free,

I'm doing this for me,

So, I can live!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Rights Reserved


Forgiveness poem for him and her:

My love never gave his love to me,

He took everything I had,

And laid it to waste,

What I thought we had,

Never existed,

I was in love alone,

Naïve. Ignorant. Innocent.

The red flags did the best that they could,

But my innocence held me bound,

Life will teach you many lessons,

Sometimes through pain,

How could I ever hate you,

When you taught me everything,

I don't need in a man,

Love didn't break my heart,

Loving the wrong person did.

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Rights Reserved


Poem about forgiveness and moving on:

Letting it all go,

Meant saving me,

The hurt,

The anger,

The pain,

All the bitterness bottled inside of me,

Sometimes the hardest battles are won,

When we learn to set ourselves free.

 Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All Rights Reserved


Forgiveness sorry poem for friends:

I dug the grave with my tongue,

And betrayed your trust with the

Words of my lips,

The accusations were only half-truths,

But you made no confrontation,

I'm sorry, old friend!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All rights reserved 


Self-forgiveness I'm sorry poem:

Dear self,

I'm sorry for not having faith in you,

When you depended on me the most,

For all those times I placed you last,

For all those moments that I saturated you,

In self-pity,

For all those times when I wanted you to be who you weren't,

I'm deeply sorry.

Annette Kinglock- Murray

All rights reserved 


Forgiveness poem for a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, or fiancee

I remember when nothing,

Could ever come between us,

We rode through the fire,

We fought through the storm,

Hell and high waters,

It's funny how it all came down to this,

Some things aren't that easy to forget,

I could find a million reasons to leave you,

But I found one good,

I'll hold on to the good.

Annette Kinglock-Murray

All rights reserved 


Poem about forgiveness of sin:

God  knew me,

All my inward thoughts, 

Every inclination, 

Prone to sin,

Yet, He loved me,

With His everlasting love,

Beloved and His own.


Poem about forgiveness and peace:

Be still my soul,

We roam no more,

In dark valleys,

Of heinous thoughts,

We cry not aloud,

With the voice of the eagle,

Tonight, we'll loose the prey,

And we'll pray,

The battle was never ours,

But the Lord's,

Vengeance belongs to Him!


Forgiveness poem for mother or father:

I curse the days I made you cry,

I curse the days I listened

To my foolish pride,

Your wounded heart,

My cross to bear,

If I could erase the hands of time,

You'll never shed a tear!

I long to be,

Your whole heart again,

I didn't mean to be your greatest pain,

It hurts to see you hurt,

Please forgive me.


Apology forgiveness poem:

My words were the arrow,

That pierced your heart,

Your soul bleeds with drops of disappointment,

I come humbly in your presence,

To let you know, 

I'm deeply sorry,

If there's any strength within you,

I pray  they'll heal my betrayal,

And just maybe,

 One day,

You'll forgive me.


Relationship poem about forgiveness:

As much as you laugh,

As much as you make each other cry,

As much as you'd never want to say goodbye,

Forgive as much,

Let bitterness find no root in your hearts,

And let not the sun go down on your wrath!


Poem about forgiveness in marriage

We pray together,

We stay together,

Through the waves of life,

Love keeps us anchored,

Humility keeps us afloat,

Prayer directs our sail,

Forgiveness and truth are our guides!


Poem about forgiveness and second chances

Sometimes we play the fool,

Perfectly imperfect,

Fallible souls,



Then whole again,

Life isn't always unfair, 

It gives us second chances.


Poem about forgiveness from God:

Deep in the mire,

He came searching for me,

An outcast in a world of

Sin and shame,

He left the portals of glory,

To recuse me,

 His mercy is everlasting,

And His grace is sufficient!


Asking for forgiveness poem

If you never ask for forgiveness,

The hurt will make your more bitter with the years,

And your pain will always find a reason for your tears,

Only you can set yourself free,

The pain she carried for 

Over thirty years,

A prisoner of her thoughts,

An enemy of her soul,

Never wanting to forgive!


I forgive you poem:

Alone I cried,

Alone I stood,

Alone I fought,

On the battleground of life,




Without your care,

Maybe someday I'll understand,

All the reasons you chose,

Not to be here!


You've made me better,

You've made me stronger,

You've made me brave,

If it weren't for you,

I would not have known,

All this power that existed within me,

I forgive you!


Forgiveness poem for family:

We don't always see eye to eye,

We make up to break up again,

We're never one without the other,

Like the sun and the rain,

Our love knows no bounds,

For nothing could ever separate us,

And no matter how far our squabbles go,

Blood is always thicker than water.


Forgiveness sorry poem for sister:

My sweet sister,

God's treasure to me,

The light that fills my heart,

My smile on a cloudy day,

I never meant to cause you harm,

I know how much I've broken,

Your trust,

And I can't undo what I've done,

A thousand apologies are not enough,

Your love means the world to me,

I hope you'll find it in your heart

Please forgive me.


Acrostic poem for the word forgiveness:

Forgive yourself and



God's love

Is sufficient to keep you

Victorious throughout 


Never render 

Evil for evil

Set your wounded

Soul free!


Haiku poem about forgiveness 

It only hurts now,

You will feel a lot better,

When you let it go!


Forgiveness poem for husband or wife:

It takes a whole heart to love you,

Not just a fragment of the parts I like,

The good, bad and ugly,

It takes a whole heart to love you,

Beautifully flawed,

My love,

My heartbeat,

My teardrops,

Love wouldn't make any sense,

If we only loved the parts of us,

That was perfectly whole.


Forgiveness poem with rhyming words

Forgive those that hurt you,

And forgive yourself too,

The world will break your heart, 

And those you trust will tear you apart,

They'll make you wonder why,

Many days and nights you'll cry,

Anger won't take the pain away

You'll only get more bitter every day,

No one knows the pain you feel,

Only forgiveness will make you heal!


Forgiveness sorry poem for brother

Dear brother,

I'm sorry,

I wasn't always right by you,

I'm sorry,

I wasn't the protector that I ought to be,

Holding your hands,

Fighting by your side,

Having your back,

Holding it together,

Keeping it  a real,

Like a true brother should!


Forgiveness poem for daughter or son:

My dear child,

I wasn't always the best that you 

Wanted me to be,

I didn't always listen to you,

There were times when all you needed,

Was for me to hear you out,

Never think for a moment that,

Your voice didn't matter,

And you had no right,

You see,

Parenting is a tough job,

And we don't always get it all right,

I want you to know,

I'll always be here for you,

If you ever felt less than special,

Please forgive me!


Forgiveness poem about life:

Life is filled with woes,

 Some friends are undercover foes,

There are hurtful things you won't forget,

Pain, trauma, and deep regret,

If you learn the secret,

How to forgive,

A much better life you'll live!


Forgiveness poem for in-laws:

We were fire and ice,

Oil and water,

Iron and clay,

Never holding it together,

Sometimes things don't work out,

For reasons unknown,

And the best way to reconcile

Our differences,

Is to call it a truce,

No grudge,

No hard feelings,

Not a bit of hate.


Forgiveness poem about reconciliation:

There are some people,

That you must forgive at a distance,

Once bitten, twice shy,

You can't always let your guard down,

Or throw caution to the wind,

It's good to make amends,

But forgiveness doesn't mean,

You must drink the same poison twice.


Forgiveness poem about respect:

I'll respect your wishes,

If you want to be far from me,

I acknowledge my wrong,

I take full responsibility,

I only wish there was a  way to

Make everything right,

If this is what healing means to you,

I respect your wishes.


Poem about forgiving someone who hurt you:

You fed me with your lies,

As though we were in a Russian roulette

And  I'd pulled the trigger,

I loved you with every fiber of my being,

I loved you as though your love was my last,

Yes, I wanted us to last,

But, you fed me with your lies,

As  if I wasn't good enough,

To bear your truth,

As much as I hurts,

I'm gonna do this for me,

Piece by piece,

I'm slowly letting us go!


Poem about forgiving a cheater:

What more could I have done,

To make you mine,

You needed my heart 

I gave it all to you,

You needed a friend,

I was your confidante,

You needed  loving arms,

My shoulders were your pillow,

My soul your bed,

You'd never shed a tear my love,

But you've left me in tears,

And the heart I gave to you whole,

You shattered it to pieces,

My  soul is in misery,

I'm lovesick,

My tears are a fountain

Gushing from my head,

I'll take your sweet memories,

And make them my medicine,

Be free my love, 

Spread your golden wings,

It's better to have loved and lost,

Than never to have loved at all.


Poem about forgiving your father or mother

We were never your bundle of joy,

We felt like creatures,

Tormenting your life,

Invading your space,

Disturbing your peace,

You starved us of your kisses,

You left us dry of your hugs,

No happy birthdays,

I love you,

Well done,

No nothing!

You gave us nothing!

 Look at us now,

The seeds you've planted,

It's funny how we can give you

A dose of your own medicine,

But, no,

You deserve some mercy,

We won't become a replica of you!


 Poem about forgiving and forgetting:

You may forgive,

But you won't forget,

The memories don't vanquish,

With the casting of a spell,

They visit you at night,

Sometimes they keep you wide awake,

They greet you in the morning,

They travel with you as the years roll by,

You may forgive,

But you won't forget,

Memories don't leave as people do

They'll always remember you!


Poem about forgiving yourself:

Forgive yourself of

All the ugly truths,

Make peace with your past,

And depart from there,

It was only a place of reference,

Not your residence,

Forgive yourself and

Move on with your life,

You'll live and you'll learn,

We all make mistakes!


Poem about forgiving others:

There are those,

Who'll hurt you,

They'll watch you suffer,

They'll  watch you bleed,

They'll watch you clinging for dear life,

And they'll hurt you again,

People are brutal,

They're evil,

Without remorse,

But no matter how deep they'll hurt you,

Nothing makes you more powerful,

Than your will to forgive!


Poem about forgiving a friend:

If someone had told me

That you'd forget me

I'd say, no, not you.

If someone had told me

There would come a day 

When I wouldn't hear a word

From you,

I'd say, no, not you.

I guess some people are like the weather,

They do change,

 If someone had told me that

You'd change,

I'd say, no, not you.

You've forgotten me,

But I want you to know 

That I'll never forget you,

No, not you!

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven times? "Jesus answered, “I tell you, not just seven times, but seventy-seven times! Matthew 18:22.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.”
― Nelson Mandela

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