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Why you shouldn't stop believing in yourself

  "Dreams are made when we put what we believe into action." A.Kinglock-Murray You may have heard many stories of others that either left you awestruck or had tears streaming down your face. We all have our stories to tell. Whichever way we want to tell them to the world. They can be just as impactful as everyone else's. I remember when I published my first book and shared the good news with my Facebook friends. One friend congratulated me and said who would have thought? In her eyes, she wouldn't have imagined that I could have published a book. Like that Facebook friend. Many people, including family have limited expectations of what they think you can do. They don't expect you to show up in certain places. They don't expect you to go above the average. They don't expect you to rise to your true potential. You're always somewhere in the corner of their minds; below their expectations. They wouldn't have thought of you as anything more than the or