How to find motivation when life's hard..


How I stayed motivated during the most difficult times of my life.

How to cope when life is hard and unfair!

Have you ever felt like giving up, but it wouldn't be any easier if you quit, so you decided that you will hang in there a  bit longer? Life is sometimes like this. I've had many days of hopelessness in my life, and I've hit my lowest of lows. Below I'll share some ways I stayed motivated at the most difficult times of my life.

1. Don't ever make prayer an option.

Make time to pray, whether life is good or bad. Always connect with your maker. God wants to hear from you. Don't ever make prayer an option, let it be your priority. Don't wait until everything else fails. Stay prayed up. I remember some of my darkest moments when the words couldn't find their places, tears spoke in their stead. Tears are a language that God understands.

2. Express gratitude.

 Don't allow the problems that you face today to dim your outlook for tomorrow. I've heard about a man who was complaining about how hard his life was because all he had to eat was a banana. 😪 His attitude changed when he saw someone eating the peel he had thrown away.😳 The more you appreciate what you have in life; the more reasons you'll find to be grateful.  Remember, no storm will last the entire year, and every difficulty that you face in this life will come to an end. Nothing lasts forever, not even your pain!

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

You know how you're feeling. The rest of us may not see the demons that you're wrestling with.  Don't allow pride to silence your request for help. No matter what you are going through, there's someone that can help. Don't assume that everyone knows what you are going through by looking at you, and no one in the world cares about you.  There's a solution for every problem. Don't keep them all to yourself, they will take the very life from you.  Seek help for the difficulties in your life. You are human like everyone else, not a superhero. ''No man is an island, no man stands alone.''

4. Learn to embrace and accept changes.

Things will change as the times progress. They may or may not work in your favor, but they are going to happen. Learn to detach yourself from what used to be. Don't get stuck in the past! Nothing remains the same forever, change is constant. It's beyond your control. You can't stop it from happening.

5. Never accept responsibility for what you didn't do.

You can do so much and no more. When you would have done everything in your power, you must accept that you have already done your part. You should never allow yourself to bear the guilt for something that you didn't do. You should never walk around with the burden of guilt for other people's mistakes.

6. Sometimes you have to lose to win.

 No one is always winning in life. You must condition your mind to process defeat, or you will remain defeated. I listened to an interview with Usain Bolt. He said, his coach told him that he has to learn to lose  before he learns to win. He was befuddled by the statement his coach made, but eventually, he understood what his coach meant after he had lost a race. Losses are a part of life too. Some of our greatest strengths are born out of our greatest defeats. 

7. Some things are beyond your control.

Never stress over things that are without your control. They will drive you crazy! Focus your energy on what's in your reach. The things that you can't control let them be.

8. Look for the lessons.

It's always easier to say why me and not someone else, but don't curse the difficulties that you face in life. There are blessings in difficulties too. They will reveal many things that you didn't know about yourself. How would you know that you were strong if you've never been weak? How would you know that you were brave if you've never conquered fear? How would you learn to appreciate all that you have if you've never lost anything or anyone of great value?  Be grateful for every trial that you face or have faced. They are preparing you for greater trials ahead!

9. Try to see the good.

 If all you see is your current situation;  that's all that you'll make it out to be. Good can come out of a bad situation. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, but he became a Prime Minister in Egypt. God can turn any situation around. Even at your worst; He's at His best!

10. Read books, and listen to the stories of others.

When you listen to the stories of others they make you stronger. They motivate and empower you in more ways than one, but the best part is that you have the confidence that you aren't alone, and that there are many others like you. It gives you the courage that you need to push forward.

11. You are not destined for pain and suffering.

You deserve to be happy, you weren't born to endure pain and suffering all your life. You weren't created for anyone to use or abuse you. It's just unfortunate that we sometimes find ourselves in situations beyond our control. But that doesn't mean that's our final destination. 

You were not created to suffer and die. As much as you are suffering, don't ever condemn yourself to that fate. It was never your destiny.  You deserve to be the happiest that you can be. Amidst all the difficulties that you'll face in life, don't ever sacrifice your peace of mind. Don't ever sentence yourself to a lifetime of gloom.

May you find peace in the most difficult times of your life? Whatever you're going through it won't last forever. May you come out much stronger than you were before. God bless you! 

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