Embody (Poem)


Poems about Vagina

She held them like thirst traps,

Young, old, married men,

In her courts, they surrendered,

Even the strongest cower in the knees,

A ravishing beauty,

They all love, 'Queen V.'

A tower of strength,

The issuer of life,

A menstrual flow train,

The wonder that provokes men's hearts over continents and seas,

They all love, 'Queen V.'

Her kisses are honey,

Her touches are never enough to be forgotten,

She leaves some enthralled and out of their brains,

Chanting unknown tongues,

They all love, 'Queen V.'

An Apple of their eyes,

An arrow through their hearts,

Solemnized vows, jewels, and money they surrendered them all,

Cuddling in her courts warm and tender,

The love of their life,

Their secret keeper,

Even the strongest cower in the knees,

They all love, 'Queen V.'

Annette Kinglock-Murray

All Rights Reserved.

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