The pain of loneliness (Poem)

The pain of loneliness (Poem)

Poem about depression and loneliness.

I can slay the day,

But the night 

Rules over me with an iron fist,

It sets me down,

It tells me everything that

I long to forget,

Lies. Secrets. Fears,

It makes me listen,

Still as the tomb,

It makes me remember,

Naked truth!

It makes me surrender,

Powerless. Wretched. Afraid.

I'm like a ship broken up and lost at sea,

A caged bird longing to be set free,

A prisoner of the dark,

I don't want to be alone,

The night is  cruel, 

It tortures me.

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  1. You convey the feelings in this poem so beautifully -- thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Molly |

    1. You are most welcome. Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I greatly appreciate it 🤗🤗

  2. Nice poem. This expresses the


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