Lessons learned in life (Poem)


Lessons learned in life poem

I've been foolish,

But I've learned,

There's just a thin line between

Sanity and insanity,

Good virtues and sin,

There's a wild side,

Sometimes too rebellious to tame,

Temptation doesn't wear a sulking  face,

It knows how well to bait the hook,

Sweet to the mouth, 

Bitter in the belly,

Fire and desire,

It will cost more than,

You bargain for,

At worst death!

I used to be hung up on

Everything I'd never dare to do.

Out of class. Dirty.  Taboo.

Yet, at my strongest, 

I became weak,

Compromising  values for

Misty moments of pleasure,

A slave to the flesh,

Never wanting to be free,

I've been foolish,

But I've learned,

Experiences teach wisdom,

Time past doesn't change regret,

The follies of the heart,

Aren't that simple to forget,

No matter how strong you think you are,

Temptation is everywhere,

May God lead you through an escape!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

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