Poems about beauty

Being beautiful

 Beauty is more than what meets the naked eye. It goes far beyond the exterior.  It isn't so much about having a beautiful image but more so a beautiful spirit. Always be your kind of beauty inside and out. Let the world adjust its standards. Don't ever reduce or belittle yourself to fit into its definition of beauty. Be bold, be fierce, be a beautiful soul within and without!


Where your words are gently spoken,
Where kindness is smothered in love,
Where I'm free to be,
Who I was created to be,
Without compromise,
Without apology,
Without any addition,
Or subtraction from me,
Where my color, class, and creed have no meaning,
Where no words of ridicule or expression,
Can scar this structure I call my body,
There in your heart,
Is a place called, Beauty.


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