Life is a journey (Poem)


Life is a journey (Poem)

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Oh, dear life, whatever's left of thee,

A mountain's climb,

A thousand miles,

A wimpy breath,

Must I lay thee on shattered dreams,

Binging on thoughts of sheer disbelief,

 Yesterday was never mine's to take,

What more can I do today,

Shall we be wasted for days on end,

In the abyss of missed opportunities,

Oh, the bridges we've burned,

Losing the moon while counting the stars,

Where do we go from here,

Time's sinking sand,

 Whatever's left of us,

It's our mountain to climb,

Our race to run,

Our journey to trod,

Our story to tell,

Win or lose,

Life is what we make it!

©2022 Annette Kinglock- Murray

All Rights Reserved


Life is a journey, not a destination(Poem)

There are days when I can move a mountain,

In the blink of an eye,

Slay the dragons,

Conquer the day,

Mission. Possible,

There are days when I'm downtrodden,

Defeated and left for dead,

Motivation is far out of reach,

Tired and frustrated,

Bearly hanging on by a thread,

There are highs and lows,

Bitter,  sweet, and in between.

Sometimes we run,

Sometimes we crawl,

Through hills and valleys,

We keep on moving,

Life is a journey!

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

© 2022 All Rights Reserved 

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