Live the life of your dreams (Poem)


Live the life of your dreams poem

Poem about having hope and dreams:

I couldn't live my life without a dream,

I'd be a sepulcher filled with dried bones,

A tiresome nomad in search of true north,

A careless wave, 

Traversing the wonders of the sea,

I couldn't live my life without a dream,

My existence would be purposeless,

I'd feel wasted with every,

Moving breath that sustains the life within me,

Like a reed hugging the  mighty wind,

Swaying wherever it goes,

A lonely pollen searching to find a resting place,

In meadows where beautiful flowers grow,

The gloomy horizon without the blanket of the sun's glorious rays,

I couldn't live my life without a dream,

I'd be empty,

Pure nothingness,

A vast black hole,

Fill my heart with hopes and dreams,

An imagination unending,

Without limits,

Without obliteration,

Every man was born to dream,

Saddle my tears with determination,

Clothe every fragile bone with courage,

For the image of God,

Kindles a fire within me,

Dispelling  fears and doubt,

Tell the dream killers and their mourners they need not come,

For I'd be long dead,

If I wasn't born to dream,

I couldn't live my life without a dream!


Annette Kinglock-Murray

All Rights Reserved 

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