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Avoid repeating these 5 phrases if you don't want your dreams to die.

    I read a quote by Tony Gaskins, "Build your dreams, or someone else will hire you to help build theirs.'' It couldn't get any more serious than this. The truth is, if you aren't building your dreams, you are building someone else's.  Many will say to you that they wanted to do this and that with their life, but they didn't get the opportunity, so they had to settle for whatever they are doing now. I'm quite familiar with situations where persons have accepted a part-time job to aid with their tuition fees. Only to end up making the job permanent and forget about their studies.  If you are going to pursue your true calling there are some things that you have to stop saying to yourself.  There are some phrases that you have to part ways with. They say life and death are in the power of the tongue and your thoughts become your actions.  If you create poison with your choice of words, they'll destroy your dreams. Below I'll share some common phr