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Being too nice, what's the price?

Have you ever gotten the bitter end of things for being too nice? Has someone ever cut you out of traffic, or the supermarket line, embarrass you in public, or trifle with your emotions? Many of us are sincerely nice human beings, and we truly want to be good citizens of the world, but what is the cost of being too nice in a relationship,  at work, to a stranger?  "There are people who are going to expect you to always give in the extra mile, be the better one, be nice always. Those are not your people. Your people are the ones who will tell you to remove toxic individuals from your life, remove toxic friendships and relationships from your life, and break someone's car door window (and they'll help you do it too). Those are your people." C. JoyBell C. What's wrong with being too nice?🤔 These are commonly asked questions about being too nice: Is it weird to be too nice? Is being too nice toxic? Is being too nice a red flag? Why is being too nice a turn-off? Here&