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You deserve a happy life: 100 inspiring quotes

  Who holds the key to your happiness? Where is the fate of your happiness resting? He doesn't make me happy. She doesn't make me happy. I'm just not happy. What is it that makes you happy? Does having money make you happy? Do your friends make you happy? Do your children make you happy? Does your job make you happy? Does your spouse make you happy? All these are external influences on your happiness. If any of these becomes the primary source of your happiness. You'll be devastated the moment any of them are removed from your life. In simpler terms, you would have lost the key to your happiness.  The primary source of your happiness has to come from within yourself. You have to be in control of your happiness. If you can't make yourself happy then no one else can. It's your responsibility to find out what is it that brings out the best in you? What is it that makes you smile? What is it that makes you laugh? What is it that brings you peace of mind? What is it

Quotes about happiness.

 Do you know someone who is always laughing? Seemingly unbothered by everything that is happening around them. Have you ever thought about them as being carefree, or flat-out crazy? Or is it that you wondered about the secret to their happiness. Hmmm, I wonder sometimes too. With all the madness that is happening in our world. Can anyone be truly happy? The answer is yes, and it isn't a secret. Happiness is a state of mind and you have to make yourself happy. You should never place the fate of your happiness in people or things. Happy people are just like us. They have problems, bills, disappointment, stress, and drama in their lives too. The truth is you can either choose to be happy or surrender your happiness to the troubles in your life. On every given day, if you should search you'll find reasons to be sad, but the reverse is also true, on every given day, you can find a reason to be happy. That's exactly what happy people do. They find reasons to be happy amidst all t