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How to love and appreciate yourself.

  How to not care what others think and be yourself!                                                                Self-love isn't just caring about ourselves and our needs. It allows others to experience the best of us. When we give the best to ourselves. We give the best of ourselves! This means that whoever we come in contact with they'll partake of our very best.  When we have an understanding of what it means to love, value, and appreciate ourselves. We'll pass that same energy to those with whom we come to encounter. When we learn to love all our imperfections.  It's easier to not judge people but embrace them in the way we'd want them to embrace us. That's why  Jesus said we should love our neighbors as ourselves.  What you wouldn't want anyone to do to you, don't do it to them. Don't hurt them. Don't lie to them. Don't break their trust. Don't use them. Just love them as yourself.  Unfortunately, we can never give love if we hav