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Signs someone's getting tired of you.

  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but many of us are better able to deal with people at a distance. We tend to get along much better! All hell breaks loose the moment we have to live with them every day.  There are instances where we have to move in with a partner, friend, or relative. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control.  While many are open and warm at first. There are times when we can tell that the royal treatment is coming to an end and we have overstayed our welcome.  Below I'll share with you some signs that someone is getting a bit tired of you.  1. There's a change of attitude.  There are visible changes in their attitude. Their tone is harsher and their body language is unwelcoming. They get mad for reasons you sometimes don't know about.  Most often, a passive-aggressive type of behavior. They'll slam the doors. Bang the pots and pans. Sulk for hours, without ever saying a word to you.  2. You seem to be a burden to them. Everythin