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Seven things I've learned from my own heartbreak

  Have you ever felt heartbroken? I'm not just talking about an intimate relationship. A heartbreak could be from an abusive childhood, the death of loved ones, separation, loss of a pet, a broken home, a job loss, disappointment, just about anything that relinquishes your inner strength. For those of us whose hearts were broken and still breaking. We know about the immense pain that seems to have no end. I've been there. Below I'll share seven lessons I've learned from my heartbreak. 1. People will hurt you but not everyone will hurt you. If you've been badly hurt by the person(s) you have loved all your life, it will become easy to believe that you're susceptible to being hurt and that you're unlovable. But not everyone will hurt you. As much as you've been broken. Someone is willing to love and protect all the broken pieces of you. Be that person first! Be the first to make those vows. I'll never cause myself more pain. I won't continue to liv