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Quotes about life experiences

  Sometimes we're shattered, broken into a million pieces. Life takes us to the lowest of lows. We're only humans and life is like the seasons that change. Our various experiences have revealed some of our greatest strengths and taught us many invaluable lessons. We aren't always victims of our downfalls, but victors because like the leaves we fall, only to grow fresh again. My wounded warriors, you'll heal, your spring is coming. After all this, you'll be transformed, refreshed, and renewed.  Today, I want to share with your 50+ life experience quotes for living a fulfilled life. In this list, you'll find: wonderful experience quotes, life bad experience quotes, life is about experiences quotes, quotes about learning from experience, life experience quotes, and sayings, heart touching life lesson quotes, hardest lessons in life quotes, sad life lesson quotes, inspirational life lessons, painful life lessons quotes, and  life lesson quotes about relationships. H