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7 ways to be kinder to yourself.

  Do you want to live a less tiresome life? Have you ever wondered why others are so vivacious and you're not? No worries, you aren't the only one. You can start with being kinder to yourself. Here are seven things that you can do. How do I focus on myself more ? 1. Take breaks. Our bodies have a way to remind us to take a break. Don't ignore the signs! For me, when I'm sitting at my computer desk for long hours.  I can feel my eyes starting to burn, and my fingers becoming numb. Sometimes, I realize that my feet are swollen and my back muscles are extremely tense.  Routinely, I would either get up and walk, elevate my legs, twinkle my fingers and toes, or just shut the computer down. Know when your body is calling for a break. It's not a machine,  even they get wear and tear.  Give your body the break that it needs. It was never created to work continuously. Like a car that overheats. Your body and mind will become sick if you refuse to give them the break that the