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50 great quotes about life.

  Have you ever thought of something great that you would like to do, but no one seems to be supporting you? Maybe furthering your education, investing, traveling, starting a business, moving out of town, starting a relationship, etc. Yes, I have been there. It's normal for us not to get the support of family members and friends for many of the journeys that we will take in this life. There are those of us who are only used to being criticized by those who should be on our team carrying the banner but don't lose hope. If you are one such person, I would like to encourage you not to give up on your dreams because of a lack of support. Sometimes your biggest supporters are those who you have never met in your life. Do your thing, the right people will stand in your corner even if they are strangers. Trending Positive Inspirational Quotes about Life “Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” ―  Roy T. Bennett “Instead of worrying ab

20 Quotes about the people in our lives.

                                           Have you ever examined the persons in your life ? What purpose do they serve? Do they make your life better? Are you happier with or without them? Do they mean you well? Do they have your back? Can you honestly say that you trust them? Do they love you or only what you can do for them? If you have nothing tomorrow, will they still be around? These are some deep questions to think about. You should always be open and brutally honest about the persons you allow into your life. Let alone, your mental and physical space. Don't ever take that for granted.  In the end, everyone who enters your life is either a blessing or a curse. Whether they are family, friends, or strangers. Be careful who you choose to hold on to. Many of the people that you come across aren't meant to stay in your life, indefinitely and you will encounter problems if you extend their stay. You should never prioritize someone who sees you as an option. You should never l