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50 quotes about telling others the truth.

 Have you ever heard these lines in a movie? ''You can't handle the truth.'' ''I did this to protect you.'' How did you feel about the other person(s) not knowing the truth? Were you angry? Did you cry? Did you develop resentment for the person(s) who withheld the truth?  Sometimes we can relate to the betrayal and heartbreak that these movies portray. It's as though our whole life is being played right before our eyes.  Is there ever a justifiable reason to keep the truth from someone?  Everyone deserves to know the truth. It's not for us to decide that they can't handle the truth. Many of us have been searching for the truth all our lives. Many have died without ever knowing the truth about serious issues concerning them. We aren't protecting people by keeping the truth from them. We're comforting them with a lie. We're abusing their trust. We're destroying their lives.   “Things come apart so easily when they have been