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3 lessons I've learned from rejection.

Every one of us at some point in our lifetime has dealt with rejection or will experience rejection. I've experienced rejection at different ages and stages of my life, some were easy to maneuver, but others took a toll on my mental health. A rejection could be a promotion that you were overlooked for. A job offer that you were turned down on. A crush who doesn't feel the same way that you do. A business or marriage proposal that got denied. A relationship that you've always wanted with your parents, but couldn't have. A lifestyle change, etc. Rejection can cause deep emotional hurt to the person who feels rejected. It can lower their self-esteem, make them withdrawn, depressed, or worst case scenario they can become violent.  Growing up, we weren't taught how to handle rejection. This wasn't something that was taught to us at home or school. I can't recall any instance where my parents or teachers from infant through high school spoke about the matter of re