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Seven great things to do with your time.

 Time, how elusive it can be, invest it wisely. We can never have enough of it, so why not make the most of what we get. Who knows how long our time on this earth will be. Time waits for no one! It isn't so much about the length of the years, but what we make of those years. Live a life that you'll love, one that you'll be proud of, and most importantly enjoy your journey. What will you do with your time? What have you done with your time? The difference between you and me is what we make of each twenty-four hours that we are given. We can either spend them foolishly or invest them wisely! Here are seven great things to do with your time: 1. Worship the creator. Remember who made you. The reason for your existence. The giver and sustainer of life. My God is my everything! He is my reason for living and my source of survival. Express gratitude each day for the gift of life. It's your greatest blessing. Without life you are nothing. Without the breath in your body you are