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Staying home alone at night: 12 great tips

Staying home alone at night. Here are a few things that you can do to help keep yourself safe. These tips that I'm about to share with you are some that I've used myself. They can be used whether or not you have surveillance at home. 1. Keep your cell phone on and ensure that the battery is full. Never turn off your cell phone when you're home alone at night and don't ever let your battery be too low. In case of an emergency, you want to ensure that you're able to call someone for help. 2. Double-check all your doors and windows to ensure that they are locked. Don't let your guard down. It doesn't hurt to check your doors and windows a couple times to ensure that they are locked. Keep all your safety locks on. 3. Keep on the lights outside. You don't know who could be lurking around your house. Keep the lights turned on. Maybe, not you but your neighbors could see something suspicious and raise an alarm. 4. Never play any