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What do you do when no one supports your dream?

  How many times have you had promises been made to you, only to be left stranded at the very last minute?  How many times were you given the cold shoulder by the persons you've stuck your neck out for? How many times have you been sidestepped by the persons you'll go a mile for? How many times have you felt discouraged because there isn't anyone who believes in you or your dreams? You're probably thinking about pursuing your career, starting a business, owning a home, furthering your education, turning your life around for the better, etc. But you're just not getting the kind of support that you need.  People are like this! Family and friends are like this! That's why I avoid feeling entitled, but I'm most appreciative of any kind of support that I get from people.  If you give with expectations you'll only face disappointments. Many will never return the favors you've granted them and some will choose to forget. Don't expect too much from anyon