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How can I be happy alone? 3 tips

“Make a happy life for yourself. No one will ever know how to do it except you.” ―  Mitta Xinindlu How can I be happy without any friends ? I remember watching my two baby nephews playing together. Their faces shone like fireflies, and the house was filled with the sweetest laughter.  I loved the way they chuckled at each other.  But a sudden feeling of uneasiness came over me. I knew that before long they would be separated. I wondered how they would feel without each other.  I made mention of the matter to my brother. I told him that his son would cry when my other nephew isn't around. His response left me dumbfounded. He told me that his son knows how to enjoy his own company. So, my other nephew's absence would never deter his happiness.  It was something to think about. Many of us have been asking ourselves this question. How can I be happy alone? We have hinged our happiness on other people, and our worse fear is, can we ever be happy without them?  Happiness is an inside