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Wake up & live: 100 best morning quotes

  Our days don't always get off on the right footing. Sometimes as bright and beautiful as the morning is we just can't find the energy to even crawl out of bed. It could be that we're tired, sick,  had a rough night, or just not in the mood. Whatever the case may be. It doesn't always work in our favor. Often when duty calls. We just have to find a way to pull through our day. It's normal to feel miserable at times. I'm not the happiest person on a Monday morning when I have to go to work. There isn't anything wrong with the day itself, but it's just not my favorite workday.  There's this myth that Monday is a lazy day. I remember reading something along the line that said,  ''nothing is wrong with Monday, it's your job that sucks''.  In all fairness,  every day is a blessing. Each day provides us with a fresh start and new opportunities. The decision is ours to make good use of every twenty-four hours that we're given. Some