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85 inspiring quotes to help overcome negative thinking.

  It isn't a bad thing to think, various thoughts come and go. The subconscious mind works even in our sleep.  Your subconscious works throughout the day when you are both awake and asleep but takes over entirely when you sleep. Free from the interference of daily life and external stimuli, at night your subconscious mind has nearly all the resources of your brain at its disposal. Resource: .It's a good thing to have thoughts. That's how we can generate ideas, solve problems, manifest our creative ability, etc. However, not all thoughts are good.  There are some thoughts that you should never allow to become reality because they'll create havoc. You hear of numerous mass shootings. You hear of suicide bombings. You hear about all manner of evil happenings in our world. All these things were thoughts before they became reality.   For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murd

Go beckon the morning (Poem)

  There must have been times when you felt as though the nights were never-ending and your pain was just too much to bear. There must have been times when it felt as though you'll never stop crying yourself to sleep. There must have been times when all you wanted was for the peaceful morning to come and put your woeful nights at ease. I've had my restless nights. I've had my cold and stormy nights but I've also had beautiful nights. Sometimes life can take us to some dark places, where it seems as if there's no way out.  This poem, Go beckon the morning,  echoes the cry of someone who's just longing for peace. Someone who's just needing a breakthrough! Someone who's just searching for an answer!  Someone who's just longing for their night to end. Not the literal night, but the dark struggles of life. It's never easy to conquer the pressures of life. It's never easy to stand alone on the mental battlefield. To be focused! To be strong! To conq

14 lessons I've learned from nature and how they've shaped my life.

  Mother nature is one of God's richest blessings to humankind. She isn't just e xquisitely beautiful ,  but a remarkable teacher. I've allowed myself to become engrossed with the invaluable lessons from this great teacher, and I've distributed her teachings throughout every aspect of my life. They are truly a gem. I will share with you fourteen lessons that I've learned from mother nature and how they have transformed my life. I hope that they will add meaning to your  life too. 1.  You are not too small to do something great. Have you ever witnessed the creative work of the ants or the bees? Have you ever wondered how such tiny creatures could build a honeycomb or an anthill of such great size? It makes me wonder too. Both the bees and ants are industrious creatures, and many good traits can be adopted from them. If you get the opportunity to watch the a nts moving pieces of food, or the bees moving from flower to flower during the pollination process; I'm sur