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Traveling solo to somewhere new: 10 safety tips.

  There are times when we must travel out of town. Maybe it's for a job interview, business meeting, appointment, etc., in another city, state, or town. Below I'll share some safety tips that you can use when you're traveling alone to somewhere new. Kindly note that these tips are for instances where you're not planning to stay overnight. 1. Do your research.  Please research the location that you're going to. Take note of landmarks, they are useful guides in case you should get lost. Ensure that you're not going to a location with numerous reports of robberies, kidnappings, rape, and other violent crimes. Whoever you are meeting with, ensure that you're comfortable meeting up with that person.  Let someone at home know that you're going to meet X person. Provide their correct name, address, phone number, and the reason for visitation. Never meet up with strangers.  If you're going for a job interview or appointment; ensure that the business is regis