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Confidence boosting quotes

  How many times were you told that you weren't good enough and you believed it? How many times were you told that it isn't possible, not that it's impossible, but only because it's you and you believed it? How many times were you frowned upon and you accepted it, thinking you weren't good enough or will never be good enough?  How many times have you replayed the negative thoughts that others have been saying about you? How many times have you doubted yourself because you're afraid of what others might think? You need to stop! It ends right here!  You need to start apologizing to yourself. For believing everything that you've accepted from people who know zero about you. For allowing other people's negative perceptions of you to live in your head. For prioritizing what other people think about you.  For all the times that you wanted to be a people pleaser. You owe yourself an apology! It's time to take full control of your life.  It was never your re