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50 valuable lessons about life.

We are all fighting our battles. Some of us have visible scars, but for others, the wounds are too deep for the eyes to see. Be kind to everyone!  Below I've compiled 50 valuable lessons that I've learned in life.  Life Lessons You Must Learn Learn to appreciate life, it's your greatest blessing.  Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, you'll be happier every day. The poorest man isn't the man without money; it's the man without God. Be humble! From the dust you came to the dust, you'll return. Never look down on anyone. Greatness is everywhere. Treat the janitor and garbage collector with the utmost respect. Someone has to do their job. No one wants to live or work in an unsanitary environment. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Give your best, even if no one's watching. There's no karma; you reap what you sow. Life is a cycle. Never forget the road you came. One day you may need it to go back home. Great leaders don't make followers; t