63+ Stop losing yourself to please everyone quotes.

  We are sometimes the greatest threat to ourselves. Many times we focus on all the external factors that have been causing us to lose focus on ourselves, but we haven't thought about turning the spotlight on ourselves. We are guilty as charged, for not loving ourselves wholeheartedly. For always placing ourselves on the backburner. For suppressing our happiness, dignity, and peace of mind, so we can fit into places and spaces that aren't accommodative to our emotional, spiritual, and physical health. They say, sometimes you've got to lose yourself to find yourself. Maybe, there's some truth to that, because life does get bumpy at times. But you shouldn't have to lose yourself to please everyone else. It's a price you can't afford. It doesn't matter how hard you've worked, you can never pay that debt.  Often times we get so scared about not wanting to disappoint the same people who couldn't care less about whether we're dead or alive. The sam

69 Hope-filled, inspiring pandemic quotes

  As the world grapples with the harsh effects of the pandemic, many of us are waiting in anticipation for the day when we'll finally see the back of the coronavirus. No more job losses. No more mutations. No more covid related deaths. No more social distancing. What a day that will be? Below I've collected over 60 of the most inspiring quotes that will help to cheer our weary hearts as we weather the high levels of uncertainties from this pandemic. Many parts of the world have re-entered the lockdown phase.  It has been hard. It's even much harder to think that every time we emerge from a lockdown, we go right back into it again.  For many of us, 2022 isn't so much of a happy new year, but a year filled with many questions to ponder on. Will I lose my job? How will I take care of my family? How will I survive another year of this pandemic?  If God took you thus far, He'll take care of you. May He fill your weary soul with His beautiful light. May you rest assured t